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Coloursteel / Iron Roof Coatings


Our roof coatings specialist can provide you with a tailor made procedure and quotation for your roof.

Like people, not one roof is the same as the next. Due to age, previous workmanship, land movement or quality of existing product and materials some roofs require a little extra attention and preparation before we can achieve the highest quality finish we provide to all of our customers.

Our Coloursteel & Iron Roof specialists will repair, treat rust and resurface your roof back to its original state. Prolong the life of your roof, and reduce the risk of leaks and dampness in your home.

Below is an Iron roof suffering from the failure an existing coating system causing the entire roof to bubble and blister. This roof required total paint stripping back to the bare steel before we could clean & sanitize, treat, seal and re coat.

BEFORE: Iron roof in need of repair and resurfacing AFTER: Roof resurfacing completed - a huge difference! Steep Iron Roof – Grey Friars Roof in Permanent Green. Fascia in Scoria. Roof in Permanent Green. Fascia in Scoria.

10 Year Guarantee Badge

Peace of mind with our 10 Year Guarantee

We recognise the importance of honest and professional customer service. We offer a unique 10-year guarantee to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our roof coating, roof restoration process.

Accredited Coatings is committed to delivering on our promise, High Quality Reliable Workmanship so you can absolutely rely on the fact that our work is completed to the highest industry standards.