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Decramastic Re Chip Coatings


Accredited Coatings provide the highest quality Decramastic tile finish possible on the market today. Specialising in Decramastic tile finishes we can convert your run down, bent and buckled tiled roof into a new investment. Your friends and neighbours will think you’ve had a new roof installed.

Our professionals:

  • Apply Moss, Mould and Lichen Treatment to eradicate growth
  • Water pressure clean to sanitize the roof's surface
  • Remove dents and buckles in tiles and re-shape
  • Replace or Repair torn & badly damaged tiles
  • Replace all loose nailing and seal nail heads
  • Treat surface rust if required
  • Apply Pigmented Basecoat Chip Sealer Resin
  • Apply Pigmented Chip Resin
  • Apply High Performance Chip Colour Resin (Layered)
Edge protection setup for a roof coating job Decramastic roof, recoat half completed Decramastic tiles - Rechipped (Charcoal Colour) Roof re-coated in Permanent Green.

10 Year Guarantee Badge

Peace of mind with our 10 Year Guarantee

We recognise the importance of honest and professional customer service. We offer a unique 10-year guarantee to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our roof coating, roof restoration process.

Accredited Coatings is committed to delivering on our promise, High Quality Reliable Workmanship so you can absolutely rely on the fact that our work is completed to the highest industry standards.