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Concrete Tile Coatings


Accredited Coatings have a unique system for re-coating concrete tile roofs. Our exceptional roof paint (High Performance Colour Glaze Resin) protects tiles years after application.

Our professionals:

  • Apply Moss & Lichen treatment to eradicate growth
  • Water pressure clean to sanitize the roof's surface
  • Replace or repair broken and damaged tiles
  • Re-mortar and point all Hips & Ridge tiles with our exclusive flexible mortar
  • Apply Pigmented Basecoat Tile Sealer Resin
  • Apply Pigmented Highbuild Resin
  • Apply High Performance Colour Glaze Resin

All our coatings come with a 10-year guarantee to ensure customers are completely satisfied.

BEFORE: Roof repaired and ready for final colour coating      10 Year Guarantee Badge AFTER: Resurfacing complete - a huge improvement! A concrete tile roof looking fantastic after a recoating